Friday, November 23, 2007


It's true fortune favours the brave. On the eve of his exams, HARSHIT chose to risk it all to audition for Star's Voice of India. And his journey to the finals is all history now.

With his family backing him as well as the rest of the country, Harshit strived in his pursuit to realise his dream.

He held his own against some harsh criticism and tough competition and went ahead, head to head against Punjab Da Puttar, ISHMEET into the Grand Finale of Saturday the 24th Nov.

However, although been crowned as the Runners-up on the Grand Finale show, he with his voice, signifying a marvelous 'Open Throw' and 'Impeccable Performances', has definitely created a special space in his millions of fans' hearts.

Thanks to Ameeta Gupta of Rediff News, published here an insight into all of HARSHIT's struggles and triumphs so far.

Tell us about yourself.

HARSHIT:- I'm from Lucknow. I live with my mother, father, dadiji and my brother Shobhit. My brother and mom are great singers. I've learnt from them. I learned to sing some old songs and even some classical numbers from my mother.

When did you realise that singing was your passion ?

HARSHIT:- I have always liked singing, as music runs in my family. In my ninth class, I tried out for Lucknow Mahotsav, a state level singing competition and won. I won four years in a row. I realised that I could perform well.

How did you enter VOI ? Tell us about your auditions.

HARSHIT:- I found out about the auditions on television. I really wanted to try out for it but it was a difficult decision. I was supposed to appear for my physiotherapy semester exams. I thought what if I dropped out of my last year and then didn't through the audition, I would waste a whole year.

But my father encouraged me to go ahead with the audition. He said kabhi kabhi risk lena zaruri hain (sometimes, it's important to take risks). He told me to at least try and see what happens. I could never have done it without my family's support.

Were you nervous when you auditioned ?

HARSHIT:- I was a little nervous because in life, luck really counts. Sometimes, things do not go your way. But I was confident about my ability.

Are you a trained singer ?

HARSHIT:- I've been training for three years with Ustad Gulshan Bharti.

What is the source of inspiration for your music ?

HARSHIT:- I follow Kishore Da's music very closely. Mein unko bahoot maanta hoon (I respect him a lot). I am also a huge follower of Sonu Nigam [Images].

What is the hardest part about this competition ?

HARSHIT:- Being patient. You have to have patience round after round and work hard. I have worked so hard these past months to get where I am. Kitna riaaz kiya hain (I have practised a lot). But no matter how you perform and or much you put in, the end results are out of your hands. It's the audience that make the final decision.

Your most memorable moment so far ?

HARSHIT:- That would be when I performed Tum Mile Dil Kheele in front of the judges Mukesh Bhatt ji and Mahesh Bhatt ji, who were gracious enough to offer me a chance to sing under their banner Mukta Arts Film. That was incredible !

I'm sure you've made friends here, spending so much time with other contestants. Who are your closest companions here ?

HARSHIT:- Yes, I made many friends. My close friends are Priyani Vani, Abhaas Joshi, Sumitra Iyer and Toshi Sabri. It was so hard to see them get eliminated. But what can one do ? It is the format of the show and we have to respect that.

You're up against Ishmeet. What is your take on him ?

HARSHIT:- Ishmeet is a very good singer. And he's has the full support of Punjab. It is their devotion for him that has got him this far. And we have to respect their choice. Ishmeet has a lot of talent.

Being in the finals, how significant is this for you ?

HARSHIT:-It is very significant. It is a dream come true. I have worked so hard to reach this place. But truth be told, the great thing about this show is that in the end, it doesn't matter if you win or not. You get so much exposure just being here at this stage. I have received so many offers already, based on my previous performances. And now I will be performing in front of the legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar [Images]. Is mein hi jeet hain (the victory lies here).

What offers have you received ?

HARSHIT:- I have been approached by great film producer and directors Mukesh and Mahesh Bhatt and music composers like Sajid-Wajid, Daboo Malik, AMukesh and adesh Srivastav, Jatinji and Lalitji.

Is singing something you want to do for the rest of your life ?

HARSHIT:- I want to finish my last year of physiotherapy. I think studies are very important and I have always been good in them. But yes, I want to pursue singing for the rest of my life.

What do your parents and friends think of your success ? You are a star already.

HARSHIT:- I don't know if I'm a star but this show has given me such great exposure and great opportunities. My family and friends are all excited for me. They are very proud of me. And I am so grateful for their support. I couldn't have reached this far without it.


Thank you all for your patience !


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